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Midsummer Nights Update

Alright, lets see....since I last posted, I have done as close to nothing as seems physically possible.

Literally, I am amazing at Dead RIsing now, become quite handy with GTA IV and watched every damn episode of Hogan's Heroes. I am well versed in zombies, East Europeans and the workings of inept Nazis and their oh-so-clever GI prisoners. The level of lulz that exists within that one show almost make up for the fact that I was really bummed about Bob Crane being murdered, which to me was upsetting because there is literally no possibility of a Hogan's Heroes reunion episode of any kind.

...well, that and the fact that most of the rest of the cast are now dead as well.

My eyes don't burn like lazers anymore, they're just sorta dry but I can see 20/20. to put it in perspective, I haven't been able to see 20/20 since some time in kindergarten. In a few minutes of lazer mc-zappey zaps, and then a few days/weeks of ouchy mc-oucheys and bada-bing, bada-boom I can see like a frickin' racehorse/FBI special agent.

I aw both Dark Knight AND the X-Files movie. Loved them both for different fan girly reasons. I mean, as awesome as DK was, it was lacking a certain former FBI Special Agent duo, who I totally love, and have loved since early elementary school.

At the end of the day, Mulder and Scully = awesome. pure awesome.

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